About the Designer

If you like what you see, Let us work together to make your visions come true. Hire Me!

Lyra has been working as a designer for more than 10 years. 
She solely focused heavily on graphic design, branding, art direction, and digital marketing. 
She holds a degree in Bachelor of Multimedia Arts and a Master in Marketing Communications.
She knows what it takes to make the campaign and promotional materials work to align with
your vision, mission, marketing strategy, and branding.
In her free time, you will find her studying User Experience and User Interface in Coursera
or sweating it on a treadmill. She likes getting busy and being productive all the time even on the weekends.
She also loves watching series and movies on Netflix and listening to podcasts on Spotify.
For her, creativity is the ability to solve problems with relevance and novelty. :)