Who is Boracay Sun?
Boracay Sun newspaper was founded in April 2010, with the aim of providing island residents and visitors an insight into what was happening on the island and what to expect in the coming months.

Fast forward to today, and we have developed into an up to date news provider via print and our social media platforms. Today’s demanding public are tech savvy and look forward to receiving the latest news and information on a daily basis.

The printed edition of Boracay Sun News can be picked up free of charge at over 150 outlets on Boracay, at Caticlan Jetty Port, and onboard Southwest bus services to and from the airports servicing the Island. If you’re reading this, you’re already onboard with all our electronic media.
Below is the old Boracay Sun website. Boracay Sun use wordpress as its Content Management System. I'm responsible for uploading the monthly articles from the newspaper to the website. I also add photos and thumbnails to look like a digital tabloid. I also design and created most of the graphics being used for the website.
Boracay Sun's Marketing Collaterals
I'm also responsible in creating and finalizing some of the ADS for Boracay Sun.
Besides being the Web and Graphic Designer for Boracay Sun,
I'm also a photographer for the Hotel and Food reviews.
Created Business cards for the employees of Boracay Sun
I redesign Boracay Sun's website with the help of a Web Developer from US. I suggested a wordpress theme that uses HTML5 responsive website. We purchased a wordpress theme perfect for Boracay Sun's website and then I transfer and fix most of the articles and thumbnails to blend in with the new wordpress theme.
I also redesign the Boracay Sun's Boracay map located at the end of the page