The HERsHE Freedom Project initiated by 8 empowered women debuted in 2003,
when one of the founders realized that the market needed an active sportswear
that will suit all body types. 
HERsHE offers sports binders for individuals who identify as lesbians. 

This is used to describe females who are romantically and sexually attracted to other females. The name HERsHE is an homage to this particular community in the Philippines, which more fondly uses “L-community” as an umbrella term for gender non-conforming individuals, who are assigned female at birth. They may identify as cisgender females (born female and identify as female), transgender males (born female, but identify as male), bigender (born female, but identify as both male and female), agender (born female, but do not identify as either male or female), or gender-fluid (born female and identify as male and female at alternating times). 

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