The Junior Academy for Coding Knowledge, Inc. (JACK) equips today’s youth
with the fundamental knowledge and skills to be innovators.

Believing that anybody can code, JACK was founded in 2016 with the mission to provide an avenue for kids to become fluent with technology at their early age. Not only does this make them capable of navigating today’s technology-driven world, this also instills valuable life skills such as problem solving and critical thinking.                               

JACK is also committed to providing a high-quality learning experience to its students. In their classes, students will learn concepts and do hands-on activities, mixing learning with play, empowering them to create and innovate.                               

Ultimately, JACK’s objective is to unlock the potential of its students, allowing the school to develop the nation’s future creators and digital leaders. 
Disclaimer: Some of the assets aren't being used officially. Below are just studies, I made.
I recreated some of JACK PH's assets for rebranding purposes basing on their current logo and colors. I also created guidelines to ensure that all assets align with the brand.
Provided color codes for guidance, visuals, typography and iconography.
Below are samples of Marketing collaterals i created for JACK PH.